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2015 - 2017 Master Trainer Article Index
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  February 2017
Should resistance training be at the center of healthy aging?
Should your also focus on functional skills training?
What level of intensity is required?
What is one way to abolish the effects of a lot of sitting time such as at work?
Are your genetics your destiny for chronic diseases?
  April 2017
Can you still improve after years of training?
Can you lose sight of the bigger picture?
How does high intensity training improve weight management?
Must you meet physical activity guidelines to reduce the risk of chronic disease?
How can you effectively perform sprint interval training?
  June 2017
Can we assume our future days which simply be like our present days?
What is a critical factor to improve the outcomes of training?
Are most sets in contemporary bodybuilding simply wasted sets?
Is there conclusive evidence on the disease risk reduction benefits of high intensity training?
What is a new way to understand heart disease?
  August 2017
Are there any caveats about improving after training for many years?
What is the most simple way to improve strength?
Will being stronger help you to live longer?
What is the new evidence-based way to lose weight?
Is protein timing an effective strategy?
  October 2017
Will greatly increasing volume of training improve body composition?
Are some people just not responsive to training?
If you are only marginally responsive to training, should you greatly increase the frequency and volume of your training?
What is the critical threshold concept and how does it apply to training and nutrition?
Are bands as effective as free weights and machines?
  December 2017
Should you discontinue free weights and machines and just use bands?
After training for many years, are basic exercises no longer effective?
Must you use many sets of an exercise per week to improve strength?
Are there very different risk factors for different diseases?
Have national nutrition guidelines been incorrect for decades?
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  February 2016
How should the decades' old approach to weight loss be changed?
What is the average weight loss in supervised programs?
What effects does resistance training have on cognitive abilities as you get older?
Are the new blood pressure guidelines based on the best evidence?
What factor can reduce the risk of sitting most of the day such as at work?
  April 2016
How can high intensity training be effectively modified?
What is the physical activity threshold for regulating appetite?
What is a newly found health benefit of yoga?
Can you lose body fat and gain muscle mass at the same time?
What are your body and brain like on exercise and off exercise over a couple of decades?
  June 2016
What are your goals and are you training appropriately to reach them?
Can resistance training add years to your life and life to your years?
Is there a nutrition pattern that can preserve strength and muscle mass?
Does aerobic training necessarily interfere with resistance training?
Do we know how effective high intensity interval or sprint training is in the long run and outside of supervised training?
  August 2016
If you reduce the resistance on many exercises, are you basically giving up?
What was revealed in good quality resistance training research more than 70 years ago that should guide your training today?
Is there a specific threshold for strength based on age and gender that is health protective?
Does the load in a resistance training exercise need to not go below a specific percent of 1 RM to be effective?
What does the most comprehensive review ever done on nutrition tell us about a healthful pattern?
  October 2016
Are bands simply something to use for a few exercises or can you get a complete workout using bands?
Is it necessary to feel next day soreness to be sure you had an effective workout?
What does delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) signify?
Are older adults simply not responsive to exercise?
How harmful is sitting for hours?
  December 2016
Do we need to go to an extreme of intensity to create an effective stimulus?
What are some ways you can be kinder to yourself and make your training more sustainable?
How close is the association between strength and muscle hypertrophy?
What is the key to remaining physically functional as you get older?
What is a key determinant of the optimal dose of protein after training?
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  February 2015
Is Natural Bodybuilding the Treatment of Choice for Some Chronic Diseases?
Is Saturated Fat Still Considered the Dietary Culprit?
Is There a Nutrition Pattern Likely Associated with Longer Life as Shown by Telomere Length?
What is the Most Brief but Effective Interval Protocol?
Can Resistance Training Maintain or Even Improve Cognitive Functions?
  April 2015
What are Key Strategies for Maintaining Training?
Is Maintenance of Strength Really Possible for Older Trainees?
What is a Health Promoting Dose of Exercise?
What Are New Findings for Nutrition and Weight Control for Middle Age to Older Adults?
If You Show A High Muscle Protein Synthesis Response to Resistance Training Will You Add a Lot of Muscle Mass?
  June 2015
Do You Need to Keep Varying Your Routine to Maintain Training?
Are Some People Simply Not Responsive to Resistance Training?
What are the Components of a Quality Weight Loss Approach?
Will People Continue High Intensity Interval Training Without Supervision?
If You Train with Lighter Resistance, Do You Need to Use Vascular Occlusion Methods and Higher Volume?
How Does Cardiorespiratory Fitness Affect Risk for Cancer and Cancer Survival?
Is There a Way to Increase the Probability of a Longer Life Span?
Is There Another Very Modifiable Risk Factor?
  August 2015
Should We Train at Very High Intensity?
What Are Protein, Food, and Meal Requirements for Healthy Aging?
What is a New Perspective on Physical Activity and Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Health?
Should You Be Taking Creatine as a Supplement to Increase Strength and Muscle Mass?
Can Enhanced Nutrition Prevent Cognitive Decline?
Should You Stretch Before Resistance Training?
  October 2015
Are We Underestimating How Much We Are Accomplishing with Training and Nutrition?
Does Consistently Performing Yoga have Broad Health Benefits?
What Relatively Easy to Measure Variables Predict Survival?
Is Sitting Time Per Day the Critical Risk Factor?
Can Masters Athletes Actually Improve?
What Type of Exercise Should You Perform to Improve Cognitive Functioning?
How Did CrossFit End Up in Court?
  December 2015
Why is Paying Attention the Key Self-Regulation Strategy for Training?
What are the Negative Effects of Being Inactive and What is an Ameliorative Intervention?
Is Interval Training More Effective Than Traditional Endurance Training?
How Can You Enhance Gaining Muscle Mass From Resistance Training?
Why is it Important to Have More Complete Information about Clinical Trials?
Are Statins More Effective Than Lifestyle Changes?
If You Are Overweight Can You Reduce Risk by Becoming Fit?
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