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February 2017
Should resistance training be at the center of healthy aging?
Should your also focus on functional skills training?
What level of intensity is required?
What is one way to abolish the effects of a lot of sitting time such as at work?
Are your genetics your destiny for chronic diseases?
April 2017
Can you still improve after years of training?
Can you lose sight of the bigger picture?
How does high intensity training improve weight management?
Must you meet physical activity guidelines to reduce the risk of chronic disease?
How can you effectively perform sprint interval training?
June 2017
Can we assume our future days which simply be like our present days?
What is a critical factor to improve the outcomes of training?
Are most sets in contemporary bodybuilding simply wasted sets?
Is there conclusive evidence on the disease risk reduction benefits of high intensity training?
What is a new way to understand heart disease?
August 2017
Are there any caveats about improving after training for many years?
What is the most simple way to improve strength?
Will being stronger help you to live longer?
What is the new evidence-based way to lose weight?
Is protein timing an effective strategy?
October 2017
Will greatly increasing volume of training improve body composition?
Are some people just not responsive to training?
If you are only marginally responsive to training, should you greatly increase the frequency and volume of your training?
What is the critical threshold concept and how does it apply to training and nutrition?
Are bands as effective as free weights and machines?
December 2017
Should you discontinue free weights and machines and just use bands?
After training for many years, are basic exercises no longer effective?
Must you use many sets of an exercise per week to improve strength?
Are there very different risk factors for different diseases?
Have national nutrition guidelines been incorrect for decades?
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